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Fri, Sep 06, 19

Sleep Corp Healthcare Our Brands

Providing support, comfort and most importantly peace of mind
our range of NDIS registered Protect-A-Bed® and Buddies® products
help ensure that you or the person you are caring for
achieve everyday independence.  

  Sleep Corp Healthcare Our Brands Buddies

Living with temporary, or ongoing incontinence can be made easier with the right products, guidance and specialist support. Our range of Buddies® washable continence products available, for him and for her, help ease the stresses of being incontinent, by increasing mobility and independence.  Our range includes:

  • Re-usable and washable briefs for him and her.  SHOP for him.  SHOP for her.
  • Bed pads. SHOP
  • Chair pads. SHOP
  • Clothing protectors. SHOP


Sleep Corp Healthcare Our Brands Protect-A-Bed


We spend one third of our lives in bed so it is important that our sleep environment is healthy.  This ensures a better nights sleep and overall well being.

Although we don’t like to talk about it we all know that mattresses and pillows can yellow over time.  Many of us think this is just a normal part of bedding, but it does not have to be and shouldn’t. 

Although these stains may be caused by bed wetting or incontinence they are also caused by our perspiration (the average person perspires on average a litre of water a day), shredded skin flakes (yuck) and everyday spills and stains that seep into our bedding.  All of which amounts to food for dust mites whilst also contributing to the growth of mould and bacteria.  

Protect-A-Bed® is therefore a must for a healthy sleep zone.  Protecting your mattresses, pillows and quilts from spills and stains.  You and your family from dust mite allergens a common cause and trigger of allergies, asthma and eczema.

Our range includes:

  • Mattress protectors. SHOP
  • Pillow protectors. SHOP
  • Quilt covers. SHOP
  • Linen protectors. SHOP
  • Sheets, pillow cases and sheet sets. SHOP
  • Pillows. SHOP
  • Anti-microbial Fresche® Sprays. SHOP 
  • Sheet straps for adjustable beds. SHOP
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