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Face Masks

Face Defence Face Masks


Face Defence Face Masks


Face masks available in packs of 5 or packs of 100

  • Pack of 5 $66.00 or $13.20 each
  • Pack of 100 $1210.00 or $12.10 each

One size fits all - adults

Machine wash and dry

Free shipping throughout Australia

Made in Australia by an Australian owned and operated business.

External fabric, soft Polyester Jersey

Middle Layer, a waterproof, breathable Polyurethane Membrane

The internal layer, made with our Dermofresh® fabric which includes Smartcel™ Sensitive technology; a blend of TENCEL™ fibre, and cosmetic grade Zinc Oxide.


TENCEL™ is a 100% natural fibre originating from sustainable hardwood forests and manufactured through a closed loop, environmentally friendly process.

In manufacture Zinc Oxide (Smartcel™) is added to the pulp. We have this innovation exclusively here in Australia.

Cosmetic grade, the Zinc Oxide incorporated into the internal fabric’s fibres provides odour-reducing and antibacterial benefits along with cosmetic regenerative skin protection, accelerating skin repair.

The polyurethane membrane (also used on our Protect-A-Bed® range of mattress and pillow protectors) has a special thousand-point laminating system and is waterproof and breathable like human skin, not allowing particles to pass through.

Key features

Comfort, protection and confidence

  • Australian Made | Face Masks
    Australian Made & Owned
  • 1 Year Warranty | Face Masks
    1 Year Warranty
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Our products are NDIS registered

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