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  • What is the Miracle Layer™ / Miracle Membrane®?

    The Miracle Layer is a waterproof layer on all ProtectABed products and in the Buddies briefs. It is found on the underside of your mattress protector and Fusion sheet and on the inside of your Pillow protector/pillow case, quilt protector/quilt cover and Fusion Flat Sheet. The waterproof layer in the Buddies briefs are sewn in, between fabrics. Made from Polyurethane (not plastic) it is soft, comfortable, silent and breathable. Not allowing water particles to pass through but allowing air vapour to do so, like human skin. Protecting your mattress, pillows and quilts from everyday accidents and spills, that seep in, causing yellowing and stains and providing food for dust mites and the growth of mould and bacteria. Protecting you and your family from dust mite allergens that may be present in your mattress or pillow. Allergens that are a known cause and or trigger of asthma, allergies and eczema. Ensuring a healthier night's sleep.

  • What is the best temperature to wash my Protect-A-Bed® product on?

    Warm wash, as per the temperature specified on the sew in label. This is warm enough to kill bacteria and dust mites.

  • Can I dry my Protect-A-Bed® products in the dryer?

    Yes, you can tumble dry your mattress protector at a low to medium heat, as per the temperature specified on the sew in label. Always dry with other linens, as this stops the waterproofing from sticking to hot air inlay.

  • Are the sides of my mattress protected against spills and stains?

    Only if you have purchased a Tencel Elite or Fusion, with side protection. This is because on the Elite & Fusion, the Miracle Layer or waterproofing extends to the sides or skirting of the mattress protector. All other products do not have side protection.

  • Are Protect-A-Bed® & Buddies® products chemical free?

    Of course. We care about your health as much as our environment. Our products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

  • What is the best product for Allergy Sufferers?

    Any product with our Miracle Layer will provide a protective 'allergen' barrier against dust mite allergens, as well as other mould and bacteria allergens that maybe present in a mattress or pillow. Dust mite allergens are a known cause and/or trigger of Asthma, allergies and eczema.

  • Can I iron my Protect-A-Bed® product?

    No, do not iron your protector, as it could damage the waterproofing

  • Does the Protect-A-Bed® warranty cover stains to the protector?

    No, stains to the protector are not covered under the Protect-A-Bed® warranty.

  • I sleep on an air mattress, can I use a Protect-A-Bed® mattress protector?

    Yes! Our mattress protectors are suitable for all pressure relieving devices due to their ability to stretch four ways.

  • I'm a hot sleeper & sweat a lot at night. Which product is best for me?

    Luckily, most of our products are made from a thermo-regulating materiel which contract and trap heat when it's exposed to cold areas and expands to allow heat to escape to prevent you from overheating. They are also moisture-wicking, meaning they'll pull moisture away from your body. Look out for our Tencel-Lyocell products & our Arctic Chill for a dry night's sleep.

  • If I do sweat, will the moisture seep through to my mattress?

    Absolutely not! Our mattress & pillow protectors features a Waterproof Miracle Layer®, which ensures that excess moisture cannot seep into your bed or pillows, keeping them clean, while you stay dry and comfortable.

  • What do you suggest for my child who wets the bed frequently?

    The G'Night bedwetting kit is brilliant for middle of the night incidents. Simply remove the went one & replace with a dry one if needed.

  • My child is wetting through to his quilt, do you have something to protect it?

    Yes! We have various products to provide extra protection at night. The G'Night kit comes with a waterproof & absorbent top sheet, preventing any moisture getting through to the quilt & quilt cover. The Fusion Top Sheet or Quilt Cover provides waterproof protection and offers a moderate absorbency, preventing your quilt from becoming wet. The Comfortshield Gold Quilt and the Satin Smooth quilt protectors can be placed over your quilt and provide a moderate-heavy absorbency, ensuring your quilt stays dry at all times.

  • I only do washing a few times a week. How do I care for my briefs?

    If wet after use, we recommend rinsing your briefs in cold or warm water, without bleach or softener prior to washing. Do not leave them soaking.

  • Will I feel wet in Buddies® briefs?

    No! Our briefs are designed to draw liquid away from the skin to keep you dry. A breathable polyurethane membrane is sewn into the pad to provide effective waterproof protection.

  • How do I prevent my Buddies® briefs from smelling like urine?

    If cared for as per the sewn in label on your briefs, there should be no odour. However, if you have have not rinsed your briefs after use, you can soak them in vinegar for no longer than 10 minutes. Alternatively, we have a Odour eliminator spray available that eliminates odours & harmful bacteria in fabrics.

  • Are Buddies® briefs suitable for the gym?

    Absolutely! You'll be able to jump in confidence. Check out our Black Bikini Briefs.

  • Are Buddies® briefs suitable from menstrual bleeding?

    Of course! Our Black Bikini Briefs are designed for 'any day of the month' and offer a light absorbency of 150ml over 8 hours.

  • Do you have a full length bed pad for complete protection?

    Absolutely! The Light & Easy king size is able to placed lengthwise, covering the top to the bottom of the bed.

  • I'm unsure of the best product to purchase. Who can I speak with?

    We are very happy to help you find the most appropriate product. You can contact us on: P: 1300 000 00 E: hello@sleepcorpheathcare.com.au

  • I'm an NDIS user, how is my order processed?

    Once you submit your order through the 'NDIS Checkout', your order will be sent to our Registered Nurses, who will then make contact with you to ensure you have ordered the appropriate items for yourself or the person you are purchasing for.

  • How long will my order take to arrive?

    Once your item has been paid for through our web store or by your plan managers, the items will be dispatched in 3-5 days. If your delivery address is out of the Metro area, please refer to the information on our shipping page.

  • How much is shipping?

    Shipping fees vary depending on weight and location, please refer to our Shipping Policy for more information.

  • How will I know if there is a delay in my order?

    You will receive a notification with updated information on your purchase.

  • What is your returns policy?

    If the product is faulty or wrongly supplied, please contact us at support: hello@sleepcorphealthcare.com.au and you can choose either a refund or exchange. You cannot return a product if you change your mind. All products are to be returned in the original state or condition in which they were supplied and remain in original boxes together with all the packaging and instruction manual. You must obtain a return authorisation number from SleepCorp's customer service team. For more information, read our Returns Policy