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SoundAsleep Sound Bar

The SoundAsleep® Sound Bar is your ultimate sleep companion.

The SoundAsleep® Sound Bar is your ultimate sleep companion. 

Relax your body and mind, de-stress and drift off to sleep listening to your favourite music, relaxation or meditation apps, audio books, podcasts or the radio.
  • Bone conduction technology delivers sound to the sleeper without disturbing others.
  • Works directly off your phone or music player.
  • Includes a Bluetooth adaptor and phone adaptor suitable for Apple and Android phones.
  • No batteries required.

Following the steps below will get you ready for a wonderful night of sleep.

  • Insert the SoundAsleep® Sound Bar between your pillow case and the pillow, or inside your pillow if you can unzipper it.
  • Ensure it is positioned in the centre or where you will lay your head at night.
  • Use the Bluetooth or the phone connection, to connect to your phone or tablet and your music or relaxation app of choice.

Different ways to use the SoundAsleep® Sound Bar

The SoundAsleep® Sound Bar is designed to play soft, relaxing sound. Sound that only you can hear.

Different soundtracks or applications may play at different volume levels, controlled by the application itself. We recommend that if you are not getting enough volume, or if it is too loud and the person next to you is hearing it,  check the volume control through the application or try an alternative application.

Different pillow materials may impede some sounds. If this is the case we recommend adjusting where you have placed your SoundAsleep® and look to use it directly underneath your pillowcase.

Bone Conduction Technology

We can hear through two different paths.

We normally hear through the process of sound waves moving through the
ear canal to the eardrum. It causes the eardrum to vibrate, and the three tiny bones in the middle ear to move. This results in fluid and hair cells in the inner ear or cochlea to move and bend. The bending of these cells changes the movement into electrical pulses which are transmitted to the auditory nerve and into the brain where they are then interpreted into sound.

We can also hear through bone conduction. In bone conduction the device used, such as SoundAsleep®, performs the role of your eardrums. It decodes the sound waves and converts them into vibrations that are received directly by the cochlea travelling through your bones.

Ludwig van Beethoven, the famously deaf composer used bone conduction to hear. By biting on his composers wand while pressing it against the piano, the vibrations would allow him to hear sound while working on his famous compositions.

Bone conduction is also how we hear when we speak and the reason why our voices sound lower and different to when they are recorded and played back to us. Our bones are conducting lower frequencies more efficiently than air.

As bone conduction does not require the use of the ear canal and doesn’t depend on the eardrum, it can be beneficial to people with hearing problems. 

Using bone conduction to listen to relaxing music through the SoundAsleep® Sound Bar eliminates the need for earphones or another audio device, which may be uncomfortable or stop you from also hearing what is happening around you. Delivering sound to you without disturbing others. Ensuring maximum comfort, allowing you to comfortably relax.


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