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Hi David,

I will give you a small bit of my history and you can use this statement as a testimonial or (or any parts of it ) if you wish in the future.

I have been a chronic snorer for over 30 years or more, especially if I sleep on my back.

My field of expertise is in the Dental industry, and subsequently I have been doing a great deal of research and experimentation of a multitude of dental devices on myself and others to try and eliminate the problem faced by snorers. I have a bedside draw full of jaw opening and jaw advancing devices all designed to create a better airway space and to help prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is currently one of the largest problems being experienced by a large proportion of the general public and more is being learned each day as to the effects of this disease and the life expectancy of people who suffer from it.

Personally, a year or so ago I tried using a C pap machine for over a week to try and eliminate my snoring and found it very hard to sleep with this contraption stuck to my face. I have several friends who have also tried this system with some still using it and others choosing to get a good night’s sleep without it.

To complicate matters slightly I recently had sinus issues which I have had a hard time eradicating. This obviously causes many airway problems and it was recommended that I look at having an operation to correct the sinus problems. I went for a second opinion with another specialist who thought he could fix my problem with the correct use of drugs.

Being the perfect patient with sleep apnea experience, I was asked three weeks ago to trial the Snoring Be Gone Pillow. As with every new device and sleeping pillow I had tried in the past I was not the least bit optimistic about the success of yet another Pillow, but thought I may as well give this thing a run for its money.
So now its 3 weeks later, and I write this humbly with my cap in my hand, because I am pleased to say this Pillow actually works 100%. My wife used to leave our bed for another room sometimes within minutes of me placing my head on the pillow, but she has slept the entire night beside me for the past 21 days. ( Not sure if this is good or bad??)

I must admit that on the 3rd evening she woke me to say I was snoring, but this was because I had rolled onto my back. I wake around 4 times a night these days (it used to be 12 to 16) to change sides and I am very conscious to sleep on one side or the other and never on my back.

The pillow took a little to get used to at first, but I now find it very comfortable and actually look forward to going to bed of an evening. I am sleeping very soundly and waking refreshed and ready for another day with a bit more zing in my step.

I did start using the pillow more or less at the same time as starting the course of drugs so there is a bit of conflict there now as to which one worked, because my sinus’s have greatly improved and I sleep all night as well.

Digressing back a bit, in January of this year, I undertook a home sleep study test using machines supplied to the dental industry to study my sleep apnea problems.

I have now had 3 weeks of beautiful peaceful sleep on your pillow, so I took the same test again to compare if there was marked difference in the results and we have all been blown away.

The January report showed that I was deprived of oxygen 71 times for a duration of over 22.8 minutes in total. This weeks report shows only 2 instances of being deprived for 0 minutes. My oxygen saturation was 22.8 (which is bad) and now currently I am at 0. I had a high number of pAHI: of 25.3 which is getting to the dangerous stage and now I have 3.8 which is well within normal guide lines.

My specialist says it would be the drugs that have improved my airways, but I am not totally convinced of this.

I put all these greatly improved figures down to my sleeping posture and my unobstructed sinus’s. Not knowing which has helped me the most with my snoring I undertook to sleep each alternate night with or without the pillow and you can guess it, whenever I don’t use the pillow I snore so much my wife has to leave for another room during the evening.

Having seen and experienced these results I wouldn’t be able to say anything other than this pillow is simply amazing and really works. I will be recommending it to all of my contacts within the dental industry as well as family and friends in the future.

From being so very sceptical to a true believer in such a short time is not usually my way, but it is with this Pillow.

Good luck with your venture, this is a true winner.

Kind regards,
Bill Cearns

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